Angled Contour Brush
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Face Contour Brush
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Angled Contour Brush Use and Benefits
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Angled Contour Brush - Sculpting Makeup Brush for Face

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Benefits of Angled Contour Brush:

  • Professional large, angled contour brush gives you the perfect blending without pulling.
  • Sculpting makeup brush with Matte wood black handle with shiny black ferrules creates a precise and flawless cheekbone contour line in minimum time.
  • The wide-angled top contouring brush perfect for applying blushes, bronzers, highlighters, sculpting makeup, and works great with cream products.
  • Our premium brush is cruelty-free, made with soft synthetic fiber with our unique technology, and won't shed while using it.
  • The formulation of face contouring brushes is vegan and synthetic, which is suitable for all skin types.

Best Angled Contour Brush
Eco-Friendly - Made in USA - Free Shipping

Angled Contour Brush Highlights

lengthening & volumizingVegan
Natural ProductSuitable For All Skin Types
waterproofFine Synthetic Hairs

Product Description

About This Product

Herbiar's High quality angled contour brush for sculpting makeup - This professional angle contouring brush gives you a blend of makeup on your cheekbone lines. The high quality of dense synthetic bristles of the best-angled contour brush is ultra-soft and incredibly versatile, making it perfect for applying contour. The broad angled brush gives you smooth and natural-looking of makeup.

  • Vegan And Fine Synthetic Brush: Matte black handle with shiny black ferrules. A high-quality brushes designed for easy application of contour makeup for specific areas of the face. This face sculpting brush comprises 100% vegan and synthetic bristles, which are hypoallergenic for even the most delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Best Contouring Tool: Matte black handle with shiny black ferrules. This angled contour brush is used to conceal and conquer any imperfection with its soft brush, which gives you fuller, more concentrated coverage.
  • Angled Sculpting Makeup For Effortless Contouring And Highlighting: This unique and ultimate contouring tool is perfect for blending makeup on your face. The angled sculpting face brush works great with a liquid and powder applicator because the brush is so dense and gives you a streak-free makeup look. The angled-top gives all over, even coverage during the application, and professionally blending when buffing in color. The bristle of this makeup brush is perfect for contouring and easily sculpts the hollows of your delicate areas of the face, such as cheekbones, nose, and jawlines.

Soft Angled Contour Makeup Brush

After applying foundation, use this brush to creates a perfect, precise, and flawless cheekbone contour line and highlight the cheeks in minimum time. Our premium face contouring brush uses ultra-soft, synthetic bristles that won't shed.

How To Apply

How to Use

Apply contouring powder using the top of the brush for fuller coverage. Blend the contour makeup by using back and forth motions to blur the harsh lines.

How to clean Herbiar’s angled contour brush:

  • Fill a glass or mug with lukewarm water.
  • Add the cleansing product to the water.
  • Swirl the angled contour brush in it.
  • Gently rub the tips until the makeup brush is cleaned.
  • Dry it with a towel.

Additional Information



No. Of Pieces:


Piece 1 Dimensions:

7.32 x 0.71 x 0.59 inches

Piece Weight:

0.81 Ounces

Ingredient Synthetic (cruelty-free) and Vegan

Frequently Asked Questions

The shape of an angled contour brush is often angled designed for angularity of the face. Use this angled brush to apply darker contour makeup in the hollow of your cheeks.

The angled contour brush is the most versatile brush used for shaping your face by blending powder precisely and cleanly below the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead.

Before applying the contour makeup, you should always put the foundation first. After that, use an angled contour brush to contour your face using a back and forth motion to blur the harsh lines.

Contouring is the technique used for sculpting and adding dimension to your face with the help of contouring makeup. Unlike foundation and concealer, which we want exactly as our skin tone, sculpting makeup is all about shaping the face and creating the effect of light and shadow.

Contouring or sculpting makeup is darker as compared to concealer, and it is used to highlight facial features. The concealer is simply used to covering up for dark spots and blemishes.

Once you apply the contour makeup on your face to highlight the parts of your face, use a face contour brush over the contour area and blend it into your foundation.

Contouring is usually used for shaping the jawlines, more prominent cheekbone, or narrow-looking nose. Bronzer gives a warmer skin tone to your face and has a shimmery finish.

Achieving natural contouring is easy when you choose the right shades to highlight your facial features, which the powder pallets can do.

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